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Sport challenges safeguarding changes

An alliance of Sports Governing Bodies are challenging the new definition of Regulated Activity that is emerging from study of the Protection of Freedoms Bill. Some of the proposed details are open to interpretation and will have significant impact on established practice and policies.   For instance :

  • Regulated Activity will no longer include any supervised teaching, training or instruction. In a sporting context, this requires clear definition. as the environment is so different to a school.  The Faith sector are also likely to be unhappy with the implications of this change.
  • Current proposals are that only the applicant will receive the CRB disclosure. Clarity is needed on how National Sports Governing Bodies, and other professional regulators will receive this
  • There will be a charge for the updating service. How this will work for volunteers and whether they will still be able to get checks for free is not clear.

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Review of ‘red tape’ in Sport

Minister for Sport and the OIympics Hugh Robertson announced a review to cut red-tape and bureaucracy that hits sports clubs and holds back participation.  It will be conducted by The Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) and will look at a number of areas including licensing regulations, planning rules affecting sports facilities,  and the impact of safeguarding requirements on sports volunteering.