CRB & police disclosures

Can you believe the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) was only set up in 2002?  Disclosure information has rapidly become a central part of safe recruitment practice and many organisations insist on up to date disclosures as part of their policy. Over 4 million disclosures were issued in 2009, even before the extended scope of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 (SVGA) fully impacted the numbers 

The Government is now awaiting an independent report (terms of reference available here) by Sunita Mason who is reviewing the scope and extent of the Criminal Records Regime.   Her previous report  was accepted by Government and is likely to inform this review. 


When will CRB checks be legally portable? 

In October 2010, the CRB said it would adopt an idea suggested by the public through the Spending Challenge process so that CRB disclosures could become portable.  Thiswould save time and money by reducing the need for multiple checks, but will require legislation.  This is likely to be included in the Freedom Bill once detailed proposals have been modelled, developed and tested.  Since current CRB disclosures are a snapshot in time, continuous updating would be a desirable aspect to include.  More about Portability 

Meanwhile the following links provide information about some key topics, and the CRB has a detailed FAQ page covering a range of aspects about the organisation and application processwith other frequently asked questions below: